Acid Reflux


1999-10-15 comic


In the Beginning



Witness a World
Blue, Beautiful, Delicate
A universe of possibilities...
hopes, dreams, and...

New hosting

2006-10-04 15:37
After languishing on my home computer for some time (especially inaccessibly after Verizon started blocking port 80, I might add), I've put Acid Reflux up on some real hosting, taking advantage of the plan I'm keeping FicWad on.

This shouldn't be going away any time soon.

(DreamHost keeps raising our bandwidth allotment. It's hard to think of ways to use 2.3 TerraBytes of transfer per month, especially when that limit increases by 16GB per week. If you'd like to support keeping AR hosted, and need some hosting yourself, why not sign up with DreamHost through this referral link? They have good rates and service, and keep doubling our available bandwidth for some reason.)
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