Acid Reflux

Who's Who

Main Characters

She is God, the Almighty; although, not the god of this universe. Five millennia old, she received Irving as a coming of age gift from her parents. She was not pleased. She is currently trapped within Irving, but making friends with its inhabitants. God has recently recovered the "Continuum Primer", the instruction manual of the universe. However, she found that it was without pages. She now seeks these pages; her influence and abilities increasing with each one she finds. She is very much like a young, human girl. She never gets bored.


Anathus is a young mage in training. Kicked out of Mage College because of a magical accident, he now makes his living as an adventurer. He is one-quarter elf and all man. Despite the fact that many think of him as "gender challenged". Worry seems to be his major personality characteristic.


Scoot is Anathus' familiar. A magical creature that helps Anathus focus and cast his spells. He also gives Anathus advice. Whether he wants it or not. Not just an extension of Anathus' own psyche, he is his own squirrel.


Her full name is "Bluebell Roxahelius", but not to her face. Slayer of the Dragon Snogg, and member of the Red Griffon Guild, she is a mercenary, an adventurer and a swordswoman who LOVES her work. Confident, quick tempered, violent and beautiful. She is a combat-wombat who has few social skills to speak of, unless you consider swordplay a social skill. She may have been a little girl in the past, but this is unconfirmed.


An unsuccessful member of the Cult of Chi-boo-yah, she was adopted as God's prophet. She has been responsible for a few minor miracles and most of the group's thinking. God's first priestess, she is charged with helping God embrace her new universe. Manami is quiet, hardworking and intelligent, as well as extremely perceptive. Her past before the cult is unknown.


Kit is Anathus' childhood friend from the animal preserve. He is a werefox, who's only vulnerabilities are magic and silver. He is currently hanging around Anathus and his friends.

Secondary Characters
Anathus' Mom (Sleuwithel Meadowbreeze)

Anathus' mom is a ranger responsible for maintaining a magical beast preserve/park somewhere in the vicinity of New Newportown. She is half-elf and quite old, although she does not look it. She is cheerful and supportive of Anathus.

Anathus' Dad

He could destroy the world. If he wanted to. Just not right this instant. Anathus is terrified of him and his disapproval.


He is just a dog. However, he was made immortal by the Producers of the Apocalypse a thousand years ago. Buster cannot be killed and does not age. He does not like Godlings and most other immortal creatures, but is helping God for reasons of his own.


Tara is the waitress at Dragon's Den, an adventurer's tavern in New Newportown (or so it seems). Recently, she has been responsible for the deaths of the heads of the Thieves and Assassins guilds, leading to the dissolution of those guilds in the city. Exactly her plan...


Rosco is Tara's primary agent. He was a high-ranking member of the Thieves' Guild.

Cassie Duke

A young witch who also lives in New Newportown. Alison is her familiar.


A housecat, witch's familiar and Scoot's best friend.

Characters of the Celestial Realm

Irving is the universe of Acid Reflux. The world exists within him; indeed, most of the characters exist within him. (Which is kind of an disgusting, when you think about it.) Irving is messed up: Abandoned over a millennium ago by God's Older Sister, he has mutated into his current state. He is really sick and mostly immobile, but also very fertile.

God's Mother (Eternity)

God's Mother. She and her husband are responsible for the creation of thousands of children and universes across the space-time continuum. Eternity is patient and kind. She also makes a killer Jell-O salad.

God's Father (Omega)

God's father. His golf buddies call him Void. He is married to Eternity. He completes her. Without him, she cannot truly define herself, and he couldn't exist (Oh, the romance!). He has quite a personality for a privative entity.

God's Big Sister (The Goddess)

The Ex-Goddess of the world that exists within Irving, she is extra-ordinarily vain. (Which is easy for a goddess.) Disgusted with the way her universe evolved, she abandoned her universe leading to its near destruction. She since has replaced Irving with a fresh new universe. Not so fresh now, since Irving got it pregnant. Babies are expected soon.

“The Boy“

God's older brother. Cruel and malicious, he is not talked about much.

What are they, anyway?
The Producers of the Apocalypse

These entities are responsible for the improvement -- and subsequent annihilation -- of hundreds of universes. They are responsible for the cataclysm that nearly destroyed God's universe 1000 years ago after the Goddess abandoned it. They pander to the lowest common denominator. They would disappear if only people would stop being hypnotized by their work.

The Banana Slug Liberation Front! (BSLF)

A shadowy organization of spineless villains. They wish to increase the mobility of their brethren and break the mammalian dominance of political thought.

The Ones that Live Outside

What? You don't know who they are? No wonder you can sleep at night.


Powerful entities -- compared to humans -- they are the vermin of the multiverse. These beings evolve with the power of human belief. They feed off the faith and attention of their worshipers without giving anything in return, much like televangelists. Shastes is an example of a Godling.

Supporting Cast

Data Accessing Construct. DAC is the anthropomorphic help program that came with God's continuum primer. He has no personality, but has a highly advanced and oft-utilized foot rub application.


Shastes is the Godling of cats. She gave God information in trade for being left alone when God takes over. She is one of the most emotionally well developed of the Godlings, perhaps due to her long-standing feud with Buster.

Darla & Bub

Darla is a wererat, and Bub is a squirrel with all the hair burnt of his tail. They fell in love and were later married. Clear?


Just don't ask.

Kipper the Monkey

Rival adventurers. Thad is a supreme swordsman who, unfortunately, knows it. He is involved romantically with both Manami and himself. (Can you have a love triangle with only two people?) His partner, Kira, is a warrior/thief. She helps him when he gets stuck in front of a mirror. Kipper is Kira's monkey.


Setti is a confidence man who works in and around the Shimmering Kingdom with his friend Tuque. If his family went on strike, the city of Al Alal would probably be crippled. He has helped God and her friends in the past.

Tuque is a Shimmering Kingdom lizard man. Bard and mage, he wanders the desert and it's cities with Setti. He is known for singing particularly raunchy folk songs. He is also popular with the ladies. Ask him to show you why.

Cult of Chi-Boo-Yah

This cult evolved from the worship of God's Older Sister. They have devolved into a fringe group obsessed with terrible fashion, bleached out hair and anti-panda makeup.

Johnathan Smyth

Unknown at this time.


Darren is the barkeeper of Dragon's Den. You can tell what time it is by how dark his “5 o'clock shadow” is. He knows what is going on, but knows when to stay silent.

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