Acid Reflux

Around the Campfire

1999-11-09 comic


God, Roxy, Anathus

Ah! They're ready. Mmm...good.

How do you want your Slugkabobs?

Away from me.

By the way, thanks for the save. You bought me the chance I needed.
S'ok. Kinda thought the smiting would work better. Heh.

May I inquire as to what a little girl is doing out in the woods by herself?
What he measn, kit, is who are ya?
Oh, I'm God.

I thought you'd be taller.
You believe her?
Are you kidding?

After that banana slug thing, I'll believe anything.
Would you believe I was Mordokoth, emperor of the three continents and master of all I survey?
Don't be stupid, you can't even grow facial hair.
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