Acid Reflux

The Final Scripts of Acid Reflux

These are the last scripts written for Acid Reflux. The ones left in the queue when Emily stopped drawing. They don't finish the story -- in fact, they leave it on a worse cliffhanger than it's already at. But they're here. Enjoy.

Jealousy #11 (Thursday)


We start on a broom hovering just outside Dragon's Den.

Alison: What are we looking for?

Cassie: The person responsible for turning me in a laughingstock will
be revealed to me. Somehow...

A: You couldn't have just magiced us a name?


Cassie: (Face admits that this could possibly have been so.) ... I was
angry. Anyway, this works, right?

Alison: (Looking downwards) Yes, in a tediously boring way. Hey! There's Kit!



POV is either close on Kit with the broom in the sky over his
shoulder, or they are looking down on him. In either case, his is in
his lupine form. If we are close to him we can see that he looks
worried. This is because his human form's nose has turned into a
snout. He is off to see if he can find a magic user to counteract this
before anyone (Anathus.) notices. This form also let's us get some
drama out of the situation.

C: I turned him into a fox?

A: No. He _is_ a fox. A werefox. You didn't know?


C: Ok. So maybe the culprit was Roxy. Let's see if _she's_ cursed.

A: (Eyes widen.) Did we REALLY think this through?

C: Huh? Why do you say that?.

Alison has a thought balloon. In it is a comical human skull wearing
Cassies' hat pierced by Roxy's sword. Can you say "bad idea"?

Jealousy #12 (Friday)


Roxy now leaves Dragon's Den. Like before, she has the large
mysterious duffle bag over her shoulder again. The angle is either
looking down on her from the broom, or looking up at her face and the
broom is silhouetted against the moon behind her.

Alison: I don't see anything different...

Cassie: Let's follow.



Focus on them.

Alison: (Eyes up at Cassie.) Can we do this REALLY carefully?

Cassie: (Looks over at her.) I _am_ a professional witch.

Alison: Ok, but Roxy _is_ a professional _killer_.


Their eyes come back down. Roxy is gone. They are either looking at an
empty street, or both leaning towards the camera.

C: Huh? Where'd she go? She was there a second ago.

A: (Looking to the side.) GYA!!!!!!!!


POV pulls back. We see that Roxy is crouching in a second story
window. Cassie now notices that she is at sword-point.

Roxy: (Deadpan, but in a position of power.) We need to talk. Follow me.

C: (Nervously) ...uh... ok?

A: <Mrrrrrr!> <Fssst!> Thinks: "Is this life number seven or eight?"

Jealousy #13 (Saturday)


We see Roxy running toward the viewer. She is wearing in-line-hockey
gear, a helmet, padding (Some type of 1/2 fantasy, 1/2 modern mishmash
that looks interesting), a stick and skates. Her hair has somehow been
jammed under the helmet. Ponytail? However, we want the audience to
think that she is going to assault Cassie in some type of gladiatorial
game or something. So, the skates, and the curved end of her stick are
out of frame.

Make her look as vicious as possible.


We see Cassie's face. She has been stuck into the opposing goalie
position. (A girl did not show up.) She looks out the cage (Since she
is a goalie.) of her mask. She has a very concerned look on her face.
We see her padding.

Make her look as worried as possible.


Roxy is VERY close to the viewer now. She open her mouth as she
charges forward. She raises her stick like a club.

Roxy: Raaahr!!!



Alison watches from the stands. She is _very_ happy that this is not
happening to her.

Alison: Well, nice knowing you, boss.


Jealousy #14 (Sunday)


Cassie stops the felt puck (with her head) it bounces off and she
topples over has her head snaps back.


Voice Off: Game over!


Roxy steps over Cassie and offers her a hand up. Roxy's helmet is
under her arm. Cassie has pulled her's off too and is surprised that
she is still alive.

Roxy: Good stop. I didn't think you'd do this well.

Cassie: Neither did I. Must have been my witch martial arts.

Voice Off Brinhilda: Yah! Good Game Rox!


Roxy's friend Brinhilda is a muscular, well proportioned 1/2 orc
woman. She has her black hair in a braid. (Possibly mirroring Roxy's
style, since she sees Roxy as her Sempai.) She is about a head taller
than Roxy and has small tusks jutting up from her lower jaw. However
she is still somehow cute. Cuter than Roxy would like to admit that's
for sure. (She is a friends character making an appearance. Art to be
sent to you.)

Roxy: Thanks, Brin.

Brinhilda: You did pretty good too, Cas. Thanks for filling in.

Cassie: (Holds her head.) I may know why Sarah didn't show up...

Voices off again: Coach! Coach! (Japanese. "Coachie! Coachie!")



Roxy turns to the girls. They are aged from 12-16 or so and are
dressed in the same body armor.

Talking in background in small type

Roxy: Good game girls. But you all need to work on your hustle.

Girls: Yes coach!


Alison walks over to Cassie.

Alison: You did pretty good.


Cassie: When Roxy caught us, the last thing that I expected to happen
to us was "forced team sports."

Alison: Us? <Mrow?>

Cassie: We gotta get out of here.

Roxy's voice off: Ok girls. See you next week. Hit the showers.


Roxy turns and walks past Cassie.

Roxy: (threatening sidelong glance) We meet in the lobby. Don't try to run.

Cassie: (Brightly!) Furthest thing from my mind! Really!

Roxy: <knowing snort> (Related to the cautionary grunt)

Jealousy #15 (Monday)


We are in the lobby of the Red Griffon Guild office. The place they
were playing was in a gym connected to it. It is nice. The characters
sit in overstuffed chairs, freshly showered. There are monster heads
mounted on the walls. Perhaps a stuffed manticore in the corner. A
male would love the number of female adventurers walking around...

Cassie: (Trying to fill up the time before her death with chatter.)
I've never been in the Red Griffon Guild before... it's nice. So, you
and Brinhilda coach junior sports for them?

Roxy: (Leaning back) Sometimes, yeah. It helps a girl's self confidence...



Roxy leans forward. She is under lit threateningly, mirroring the
strip that impressed our readers. She intimidates the hell out of

Roxy: ...and may lead into a career where they swing sharp pointy
objects for a living.

Cassie: (Shrinks back into chair.) Uhhhh... Ahhhh...


An elderly male attendant comes by with a pot of tea and a cup on a tray.

Roxy: (Leans back and relaxes her scary aura, her legs crossed...) Your
tea is here. I never touch the stuff. (Perhaps she has a sports bottle
with a straw.)

Cassie: (Thankful she's alive, accepts.) Thank you. Ah... Alison? Is she...

Roxy: No...


Pulls out, we see silhouettes in the background.

Roxy: Not yet anyway...

Brinhilda: (In armor now. (See the attached scan I will send) Is seen
hugging the stuffing out of Alison.) Cutie, pretty kitty! <heart!>


Alison: (Trying to escape, which totally hopeless. Her paws) Hfff!!!
Gweee!!!! (tongue sticks out.)

Roxy: So. Why were you following me?


Jealousy #16 (Tuesday)


Roxy: (Gripping the chair with both hands, she scowls at Cassie.) Do
you know how lucky you are?

Cassie: That you're not cursed by me? It _has_ occurred to me. (Drinks
tea, cup rattles.)

Roxy: Anathus? Me? Jealous? He's my partner.


(Roxy turns her head to think. In her mind she plays out the night
that A and her slept together. Anathus does not remember, but Roxy

Roxy: (Narrows eyes in pleasure and looks to the side...) Sure, he's
kinda cute. Smart... Quick...

Cassie: (Drinking Tea, agrees looking down not seeing her face.) Mmmmm...

Roxy : The stamina of a pegasus...


Cassie: (Looks up from her cup, lucky she didn't quite hear that.) Huh?

Roxy: (Looking startled.) Ah... Adventuring can be an exhausting
occupation! Humping around! With backpacks! And stuff...


Roxy relaxes.

Roxy: (Taking a big hit off her sports bottle attempts to look
innocent. Angel Halo appears? ^.^ )

Cassie: (To herself. She turns to the side, hand on chin, thinking...)
So the culprit was... Kit?

Alison: (Off) Gak! Boss! Help me! Please? I used the "P" word...

Jealousy #17 (Wednesday)


(Back at Dragon's Den. Cassie knows that the culprit must be Kit. She
is going to tell Anathus what has transpired. When she does, we will
see a little of Anathus' dark side...)


Anathus: (Sitting in Dragon's Den ordering breakfast.) How's the
breakfast sausage today?

Tara/Dark Elf Waitress: (Brightly) Good! Almost 25% pork!

Anathus: Close enough. With scrambled eggs, please.

Off: Anathus.


Anathus turns and sees Cassie, waitress leaves.

Anathus: Hi! What are you doing here?

Cassie: Anathus, we need to talk...

Anathus: We need to talk? Huh? What?


Anathus staggers back.

Anathus: (Panics unnecessarily and spectacularly.) What happened? What
did I do? How can I fix it?

Cassie: (Makes a face.) What are you talking about?

Anathus: You said. "We need to talk." It's the death knell phrase of
Cassie: Ah! No that's not what I meant. It's not you; it's me, I ...


Anathus: (Puts head on table.) Let me down easy, ok?

Cassie: Stop that! I'm trying to confess something I may have done to Kit!

Anathus: My best friend too? <groan> My life sucks.

Cassie: It's gonna if you don't stop doing that!

Jealousy #18 (Thursday)


Anathus, feeling better has listened to Cassie's story and suspicion.
He does not believe that Kit has any reason to harass Cassie. Why?

Anathus: What did this curse do?

Cassie: I don't know, honestly! Witchcraft is more of an art than a science.

Anathus: This is crazy! Kit wouldn't do something like that! Why?


Anathus hears Kit coming from upstairs to the tavern area of Dragon's
Den. His silhouette is seen descending. Anathus, 1/2 turned, keeps his
eyes on Cassie (Reader).Yells over shoulder.)

Anathus: (Hears his bare feet.) Hey Kit! Is that you!

Kit: (Head down.) Yeah... <snort>

Anathus: Come over here a sec..

(Cassie: If you can see her says. "Oh, no." When she sees his face.)


Kit walks over to the two of them. He is in human form and has a pig's nose!

If he knew who did this to him Cassie would probably be a dead girl. I
decided that he is embarrassed, and has just got the courage to face

Kit: (Puts hand on A's shoulder and look pathetically sad and
ashamed.) <snort> Anathus... I...

Anathus: (Does not turn to Kit and does not see his face. Arms
crossed.) Kit. Tell Cassie she's being ridiculous.


Field of view shifts over away from Kit slightly to give Tara room to
come in. We can still see Kit's hand on his shoulder.

Tara/Dark Elf waitress: (Moves in with plate.) Sausage and eggs! Nice and hot.

Alison: (Pokes her nose into the bottom of the frame, sniffing plate.)
I don't think you'll be eating those when you turn around. Can I have

Anathus: (Pained look.) Should I worry about the eggs or the sausage?

Kit: <oink...>

Jealousy #19 (Friday)


We see Anathus EXTREMELY angry! Kind of a prelude to when he goes
dark. He yells at Cassie, and rightly so.

Anathus: You turned my best friend into a pig!!!

Cassie: Only partially...


Cassie: Ok! Be right back.


Cassie leaves the two of them alone. Kit sits at the table. Anathus
begins to sit close to him.

Anathus: Are you ok?

Kit: (Crying.) That's a hell of a stupid question...

Anathus: Did you really break into Cassie's house and play "naughty
gardener" with her underpants? Why?

Kit: I.. I... <oink, snort> It's just...


Kit: (Has his dramatic close up.) It's just that... <oink>You're
spending so much time with Cassie now instead of me. I... <oink, sob> I...
I...<oink> miss the time we spend together hanging out together, <oink>

that's all... I miss you...

Anathus (off): Kit...


Anathus: (Hugs Kit and comforts him.) We're friends forever. I'm sorry
that I have someone else in my life now, but I promise that I will
spend more time with you.

Kit: <snuffle, oink> Even when I develop a taste for slops?

Anathus: Yeah. Heh. I'm gonna go upstairs and get something dispel
this quicker, I'll be right back, buddy.

Jealousy #19 (Saturday)


Kit sits at the table alone. He does not snort, since this is one of
the most serious strips we have ever done.



Kit: (To himself.) You couldn't say it to his face could you. You coward...


Kit: "I love you Anathus."


Kit: ...


Kit: Damn.

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